The Creation of “Fight To Live Another Day”& How YOU Can Be a Part of It!!!

Send your Photos and Videos to:
  • Send us your photos and videos . Let us know what you are doing to get through this unprecedented period. We will include it in upcoming posts and videos.

  • Sing along with the song and send us your video and audio to be included in upcoming posts and videos.
  • Send us your artwork inspired by this time to be included in upcoming posts and videos.  Any kind and level of art, craft, writing and creativity is welcome.
  • Use the collaborate link if you’re a musician and wish to contribute.

  • Donate your time.  Do you want to be involved? We are working to grow this project and would love your ideas and help.

Contact us at to get involved.

Send Your Photos & Videos to:

Written by: Paul J. Falcone and MIkaela Astel Lead Vocals: Mikaela Astel Keyboards, Drum Programming and Background Vocals: Paul J. Falcone Electric Bass: Michael Valerio Percussion: Bendji Allonce Acoustic Guitar: Robert Agnello Produced, Engineered, Mixed, Directed, Edited by: Paul J. Falcone Logo: Paul Austin Falcone Graphics: Kathy Pappas